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Yoga in the Time of COVID-19

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

We are in the midst of challenging times and COVID-19 is ravaging our world. Some of us may be ill or know others who are ill. We are caring for ourselves and our family. We have relatives and friends in distant towns or countries. We are anxious. I am with you. I have family in other countries, I am caring for others, I am following shelter-in-place, hand washing, and surface disinfection guidelines. I too am balancing work and family, and practicing distancing. My yoga studios are closed. My Joshua Tree retreat is canceled.

Yoga is a way to practice gratitude during this time to help us stay calm and centered, so we can be of service. How do we practice without our studio and teachers to guide us? Sure, we can make a gratitude list; waking up when I'm rested, running & practicing yoga on my schedule, sipping coffee in the sun with my kitties, and enjoying fabulously home cooked meals with family, but how do we keep present with gratitude throughout our day? My yoga is a continual practice of "Hi Reminders” so I can cultivate the best me from which to be of service -- especially now. Here’s what it means for me to practice yoga and “Hi Reminders”.

  • “Hi heart.” when I wake up. Everyday I am thankful for my health, my ability to breathe deeply and move freely.

  • “Hi mat.” when I clear my space and set up my yoga mat to practice with Downtown Yoga or just me and my kitty audience. Everyday I am thankful for my teachers (all of you who know me and all of you I’ve yet to meet) and the practice of yoga be it lying over my bolster and watching my breath or trying a crazy arm balance.

  • “Hi.” to family and friends when we text, call or video chat. Everyday I am thankful for the technology that allows me to connect, and for the supportive relationships in my life that bring love, laughter and community into my home.

  • “Hi rain, trees, crazy crow trying to take an attached branch for its nest.” when I’m in nature. Everyday I am thankful for mother earth and her gifts of water and sun, moon and wind, singing birds, greening trees, flowering and fruiting plants. Reminders to recognize my anxiety and calm my sympathetic nervous system by spending time with nature.

Physical distancing is not the same as social distancing. What does your yoga practice look like during this time? What are you grateful for? What are your Hi Reminders? What amazing gifts can you cultivate to ease anxiety, find connection, and be of service?

With love from my heart center to yours,


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