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What People Are Saying About Our Virtual Retreat

— Chantal - Monterey, CA

"Thanks again for putting together the retreat.  It was really lovely “seeing” everyone.  I enjoyed both yoga sessions and the assignment.  Exactly what I needed during this crazy time.

Loved practicing with my yoga buddies. It was great shoulder work which inspired me to do Eagle pose in nature"

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"Best Yoga Retreat EVER! The sound healing retreat at Joshua Tree was an absolutely amazing experience from beginning to end. Our expectations were exceeded, and then some. The combination of yoga and incredible gourmet five-star vegetarian meals in a drop-dead gorgeous setting made for an inspiring and transformative experience. Lori is an intuitive, knowledgeable, and deeply gifted yoga teacher and healer. I was hugely impressed by the heart, caring and vision she brought to each person there. She created a safe space for change, and her yoga classes always hit the right spot, giving me just what I needed to start and end each day. Thank you Lori, we can’t wait for our next adventure and retreat with you." 

- Mary, Bay Area CA

"Lori did an outstanding job teaching the yoga classes which were held in an airy spacious yoga studio with a wooden floor in a separate building away from the main house.  We did yoga upon arrival and before we departed which was helpful to stretch ourselves out after our day’s journey. Lori explained the different poses carefully and helped by adjusting us so we could get the most benefit from the pose. Chef Nick prepared an amazing array of delicious breakfasts and dinners for our dining pleasure.  I always felt full after a meal but I never had that heavy feeling afterwards. The food was fresh and beautifully prepared. I would encourage you to attend when they offer this retreat again.  It truly was a weekend of “Re----Creation” as we felt refreshed and yet energized when we departed."

-Deanna, Bay Area CA

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