A Traveling Practice

November 2, 2019

Your yoga practice is more than just your morning stretch and strength class. It’s a call for awareness and quieting of your body and mind. It’s an invitation to navigate inwards to your heart and spirit. That “ah” feeling you experience in savasana isn’t just physical it’s the connection with your breath and the peace you feel in your entire being.

When we travel we want to take that feeling with us but how? Our studio, our teacher our asanas may be left behind for a few days or weeks but our heart calls to our practice.

In this workshop series I will show you how to take your yoga with you on the road.  We will spend the afternoon exploring and practicing asanas (the physical yoga practice) with a focus on the yamas and niyamas (what I like to call the “guiding principle” tools in yoga’s toolbox). Together these tools will help you identify and regulate your internal environment so you can fully participate, blossom and love your external environment – your world. 

Join me Nov 2 from 2:00-4:00pm at Spiritual Alignment Yoga & Healing Center in Fremont, CA.

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