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A Traveling Practice

January 18 - 19, 2020

Are you struggling to practice yoga when you travel? Are you struggling to continue your yoga practice outside the studio? What if I told you that yoga is a life practice, one you can do all the time? And what if I showed you how? 

Yoga is more than just a morning stretch and strength class,  it’s a practice to help you become aware of your body and mind, quiet your thoughts and look inwards. It’s an invitation to listen and tune in to your true, compassionate self.


Over two afternoons we will explore and practice asanas (the physical yoga practice) with a focus on the yamas and niyamas (the internal yoga practice).  The physical practice invites you to notice; how you feel and how you breath, the internal practice invites you to notice; how you live and regulate your internal environment. Together they help you to fully participate, blossom and love your external environment – your world.


This workshop series is designed to commit to your yoga practice outside the studio. To learn a new, more evolved way to practice YOGA.

Join me Jan 18-19  from 1:00 - 3:00 pm at Downtown Yoga in Pleasanton, California

Registration Closed
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