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Virtual -Mini Yoga Retreat

April 18, 2020

I want to share an offering that you may be looking for if you’re ready to explore the spirit of yoga in this current setting of physical distancing and anxiety.

My Cactus Moon retreat is canceled but I would love to spend time with you so I am offering you a 1-day mini yoga retreat to reconnect and play!

What does that look like? Yoga, Play, and a lot of Connection.

  • I will lead you in two yoga classes; a morning wake-up class and an afternoon restorative class using only props from your home.

  • You will play with an activity that I will give you (that doesn’t involve Netflix or Zoom) so you can explore and remember to be open and kind; a bit of freedom for both body and mind.

  • You have the option to journal or make a voice recording -- a beautiful way to carve a new path or pattern.

  • We will have guided discussions in both the morning and afternoon sessions AND you will have “free” time in both sessions for chatting and reconnecting with your friends.

  • Dinner together (optional virtual dinning -- we can chat about how this will work)

Packing Cans


$35 per person

I will donate all monies collected to the Alameda County Community Food Bank to help those in need in our community, especially during this COVID-19.

Please sign-up at least 1 day (April 17th) before our retreat so I can be ready to host you!

Image by madison lavern



  • Virtual studio open

 I will be online so you can come on in to our virtual studio anytime​


  • Yoga class begins

9:30 (ish) -10:30(ish)

  • Yoga class ends

  • Questions or comments

  • Lori will guide a discussion and describe the day’s activity.

Image by Bekir Dönmez




  • Virtual studio open


  • Yoga class begins

4:30 (ish) - 5:30 (ish)

  • Yoga class ends

  • Questions or comments

  • Lori will guide a discussion and open the discussion up for you to share (if you want to)

5:30 (ish)

  • Optional: Virtual Dinner

if you do decide to join I’d love if you prepared ahead of time (or outsource preparation to someone else) so we can enjoy yummies together

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