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In Celebration of All Mothers, Daughters, and Sisters

It's not really enough, especially after this year, to say that moms are amazing! Moms are de facto teachers in every way; teaching kids their ABCs, 123s, how to be adaptable, what really matters in life, how to care for each other and how to care for the planet. That's all the more reason to celebrate them, not just today but always.

Since this time last year, a few of my family members and friends have become moms, yay! But I also think it's important to acknowledge that for some people, Mother's Day is hard. For all of you who want to be moms and aren't, perhaps yet, for all of you who have lost a mom or a mom-equivalent, for all of you who may be losing your moms through illness I am truly seeing and hearing you. For all moms who struggle, who lack a supportive partner, who have been let down by employers and the lack of just policies we hear your Primal Scream. Let's celebrate all moms, past, present and future. It's a damn hard job and we as a community must help you not just survive but thrive.

How do we help mom’s thrive? Let’s take it in miniature. If you’re a mom, take turns with another mom to babysit or host playdates. Go for a walk with your friend, sister or mom and let them talk -- you listen, sometimes what’s really needed is an ear not a voice. Set a weekly tea date, sometimes just sitting together in silence is what’s really needed -- a space for comfortable quiet. Spend time with moms talking about what they like to do, read, listen to -- don’t just talk about kids, sometimes what’s really needed is to be more than mom. Learn to be a great friend to/with your mom. The parent-child relationship morphs as we age and a successful transition can bring many joys and beauty into this new relationship.

How do mom’s help themselves thrive? Sure we all know the importance of self-care but do we practice it? Go to a yoga class, go for a bike ride or walk, get to bed -- sleep is amazing. Don’t just cook for your kids health, cook for your health. Moms can spend a lot of time categorizing their failures, and highlighting their defects but this weekend I encourage all moms to celebrate your talents and your successes. Brag about how amazing you are. Yup, you are. My sister has 2 fabulous, busy children whom she loves and supports. She’s a full time elementary school teacher (yes, in this crazy pandemic), loves and supports her friends, parents and slightly, sometimes too much crunchy-granola, sister. That’s a shit ton of effort. Oh, and she has to take care of her health, needs and wants too! Um, that is definitely something to celebrate!

I offer a starting point on this journey of celebration and loving support for yourselves and others by sharing one of my favorite drum circle songs. Listen, and sing if you know the words. Let the drum beats settle into your heart center and begin to expand into your entire body. Through this song I am sending you love and support, and celebrating all that you are this Mother’s Day.

by Nalini

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