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Kind & Caring

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

2021 has begun with a fair amount of fear and tumult. You may feel called to retreat, or to stand and speak. You may feel called to engage in community activism or altruistic acts. As I consider my actions I remind myself to first be kind and caring to me. I try to act from that place of self-care so I can take care of others. Self-care, a term often bandied about, can mean many things. It’s not just taking a bath with candles and a good book. It’s keeping yourself emotionally safe, setting boundaries, choosing the time and place to share your ideas and convictions, considering others and their challenges, being truthful and being in control of your voice. It’s treating yourself and others with respect.

As I was chatting with my teacher this week she reminded me of the 3 questions she asks herself to consider before speaking; “Is it True?, Is it Necessary?, Is it Kind?”. I too am trying to ask myself these questions before speaking. This is my practice of self-care as I begin to navigate 2021, as I begin to move through fear and tumult so I can act with kindness and caring.

This is my yoga which I am so grateful and delighted to continue sharing with you in 2021. Our community of practice brimming with kindness and caring.

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