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Messy Hair, Dirty Feet, Brave Girl

This blog post is messy! It's Father's Day, Juneteenth, and a month of family birthdays which I joyfully celebrate, and yet I cannot focus. There is change in my life that is dominating my energy so I'll just carry on and share this messy post.


This weekend is Father's Day, and I want to acknowledge the men whom we choose to share our lives with. Recognize their gifts and their presence. Be grateful for their humor and kindness. Share in their joys and their passions. A simple blog post is not enough to let the men in my life know how amazing they are so I try to make an effort everyday to show them how amazing they are. Pause, look and really see who the men in your life are. Not the stories you surround them with, not who they were but who they have grown to be. We are attached to ideas and stories but to really see we must look without blinders. We must look with love. A day of love and gratitude does not make a life of love and gratitude so take time today, and then, if needed, change so you can show your love and gratitude everyday.


One of yoga’s tenets is to become the Watcher. To get in touch with the Self. To do this we must release the stories that we have assigned to others and others have assigned to us. We must look away from what other people imagine or want us to be, we must accept who we are. If we release these false supports, would we be strong enough and kind enough to accept who we are? Could we stand alone in our truth and blossom into what we know ourselves to be?

There are moments in my life when I don’t want to release an old story or idea. Releasing means stepping onto an untrodden path, it introduces uncertainty and instability, and it often means change. Changes are inevitable -- in your body, your relationships, and your career but I find myself releasing existing fears only to create new ones, and I find myself alone even when I’m in relationship with others. But to move forward means to fully release even though I may be uncertain or fearful, and to find support to do so.

My time in nature and my yoga practice provides me with the grounding and stability needed to look inward and see my true Self. To see that she is strong yet malleable, to encourage her to release old stories so she can move forward. Courage is required to take responsibility for my fears, my attitudes, perceptions, and actions. In my journey of life I can pout or gloat on my failures or successes. I can let my ego and fears drive my reactions and attitudes, or I can stand courageously, listening and letting my higher Self guide my attitudes and actions. I do not get to blame or praise a god or goddess, fellow humans, or the universe for my failings or successes. I get to take full responsibility for my life. This is a wonderfully freeing feeling, and also scary as hell.

Today is a day to once again put on my big girl pants and open my heart. To accept the inevitability of change and the fears that bookend it. To believe in my strength and my abilities. To step onto a new path, mess up my hair, dirty my feet and take action. To take time to breathe and be grateful and then to become the Watcher.

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