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Opening to the Future

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Last week I talked about celebrating the past and opening to the future. I have continued to explore these ideas all week in my yoga practice, my visits with nature, my interactions with friends and family, and today as I’m disrobing my home of Christmas decorations and rediscovering the beauty of space. As I look back on 2020 I am celebrating what was good and practicing being grateful. I am disrobing my heart of decorations and illusions so I can rediscover the beauty of space. I do not make resolutions.

I love words. The way words sound and feel in your mouth and your heart. I once was mentored to feel into the new year and welcome a word that would guide my year. I have done this practice for several years. Sometimes a word pops into my head like it was waiting to be called. Sometimes I’m chasing a word like tag only to discover it’s not the word I was looking for. Sometimes someone else gifts me a word. However I discover my word when I do I know it’s right. It sounds perfect, it caresses my tongue and I can almost taste it, it opens my heart. It’s this word that guides me in the new year. Sometimes the word frightens me because it is asking me to be or do more or less of something. Sometimes the word excites me because I see through a different lens, opportunities. My word is not a resolution but a resolve.

Celebrate the past. Open to the future. I invite you to feel into this new year and welcome a word to guide your year.

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