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Community Practice in the Park in the Community of Trees

We are welcoming the rain. The weather is definitely shifting.

I often, okay pretty consistently, think of trees and how they live and survive their challenges.

They are not so different from us. They build communities, help each other survive sickness and less than perfect living conditions. They work together to withstand viruses, give and accept support from not only their own species but all things in nature from fungi to birds. They are truly amazing.

Like trees we too build communities, support each other in sickness and inequity, and work together to withstand challenges. We too are truly amazing. As we continue to shelter-in-place practice being in support of each other by maintaining your own physical and emotional health, and by offering support to those less fortunate be it in health, wealth, or community. Practice vrksasana (tree pose) and notice how strong you are when you are rooted in your support and how opening to natarajasana (dancer pose) feels uplifting and opens you to others. We continue to practice yoga to be in support for ourselves and our community. Like trees we thrive when we help others, and we flourish in healthy, diverse communities.

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