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Community Practice & COVID-19 One Year Later

One year ago, give or take a few days, we began to get serious about COVID-19 and sheltering in place. On March 26, 2020 I wrote a blog titled Yoga in the Time of COVID-19 thinking we would tough it out, beat the virus, and be back practicing together at worst after 4 months. Well, we all know how that turned out. As I look back on my post I feel the optimism and trust I felt that yoga would continue to support us no matter what. That yoga isn’t just a guide that encourages us forward but also a balm that soothes us. It’s an exercise, a philosophy, a therapist, and a friend -- beautiful and accessible tools to support us in our past, present and future life. When I re-read my “Hi Reminders” I smiled thinking just how often I practice this form of gratitude and what it has done for me, and hopefully for others, over the past year. I’ll share a few more “Hi Reminders” with you.

  • “Hi. Good Morning.” As I jog the trail in the early mornings and see the same people and dogs. Many did not initially say Hi or Good Morning in return and I did not presume or make assumptions but sent my greeting without reservations. Now, almost everyone says Hi or gives me a nod and that makes me smile.

  • “Hi Moon.” When the sun has set and the night is hugging us in darkness. I smile at the beauty of our earth, the seasons, the spaces between dawn, twilight and dusk, the joys and love I experienced during my day.

  • “Hi there.” To my neighbors who have all become so familiar and friendly since our neighborhood has become home base for most of our daily lives, and we’ve supported, encouraged, and laughed with each other.

  • “Hi.” To family and friends as we continue to text, call and video chat knowing that soon we can say Hi in person and follow that with a super long hug.

My “Hi Reminders” are part of my yoga practice. They keep me present, remind me to be grateful, share and receive love. One year ago I asked you what your yoga practice looked like? What were you grateful for? What your “Hi Reminders” were? Set aside a few moments to consider these questions again. Turn and look back at 2020, what’s changed? Turn and look forward to 2021, what will you change and what will you keep? I’d love to hear from you.

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