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Assumptions & Perspective

Updated: May 2, 2019

In April we retreated in Joshua Tree. As I write this I notice that this was not a retreat in the true sense of the word. We actually dove in. We explored. We challenged assumptions and perspectives. And we had a fabulous time!

Spring was on a full display in the desert -- blooming cacti, cottontails and lizards, butterflies and birds all enjoying the bounty that past rains and snows bestowed on this naturally arid landscape. Joshua Tree invited us to explore and play, and we did.

We were offered the space to become aware of and challenge our assumptions and perspectives in our morning yoga practice before we nourished our bodies with organic, vegetarian culinary achievements by our personal chef.

The days presented opportunities to take our practice with us as we became aware of our assumptions in the world -- perhaps softening our hearts and giving us courage to challenge and change our perspectives.

The evenings were a magical hug. We harmonized our breath with the wind during sound meditation sessions with our expert healer Ryan Mussen. Our journey into the soul and other often willing us to stay -- at least until the dinner bell called us home to table and friends, star filled skies and coyote yips.

Retreating is an offering to yourself. A balance of action and rest, an opportunity to play in your practice and your life, and a gift to explore and honor your connection with food for your heart center and your belly center.

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