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A Community of Joshua Trees

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

I have recently returned from a weekend in Joshua Tree. Fully immersed in the beauty of nature, the joy of yoga and the vibrations of sound healing. I am filled with awe -- once again -- as I am often awed by nature and power of the yoga to heal and open. I have experienced the beauty of the high desert in winter, and honored the plants and animals as they thrive in an environment of biting cold and blistering heat -- the extremes required for growth and change. Winter rain and snow bring life supporting water, the rhythm of freezing and thawing bring blooms to the Joshua Tree, and the burrowing, scurrying, soaring creatures participate in the variability and growth of their community.

The diversity of the desert, so often shielded from our vision, can reflect the human existence. A complex system of support from roots to crown providing the necessary puzzle pieces for growth and survival, or, failing that, stagnation and even death. A central symbol, the Joshua Tree, is a community onto itself providing food, water, shelter and support for itself and others. A calm, stately presence each branch articulating to its own design.

Practicing and participating in an environment wholly different from my home studios and spaces opens me to ideas and experiences that transform my life lived both on and off the mat. Can I take the Joshua Tree as my example? Can I articulate my branches in my poses and in my life to grow in a direction that is healthier, stronger, more fun? Can I open myself deeper to my community to both support and accept support for myself and others? Can I become aware of and learn to thrive in my environment; the challenges of the mundane stuff?

How does the Joshua Tree hydrate once the rains and snows have gone? Can I listen and learn when and how to hydrate my own complex system? Experiencing the partnership of yoga and sound meditation in this diverse landscape was my hydration. The complex vibrations brought to life by Ryan Mussen on bowls, bells, drums and gongs was at times so intense and energetic I had to cap my Kundalini energy with my hand! At other times, the vibrations lulled me into a soothing energy of colors and dreams. This is my Joshua Tree experience. This is my journey.

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